Our real estate solution is made of 5 modules…


No need to search anymore ! Your contractual information and commercial leases are centralized and directly accessible on RetailDrive Contract. Access your deadlines, rent, expenses, contracts or history everywhere at any time. Renewal, termination, indexing… anticipate all the major real estate events and avoid useless costs.

More than a mere database, RetailDrive integrates the legislation specific to each country through a unique system configured for the retail industry. Each user benefits from alerts and dashboards tailored to his needs. The rent indexation is also monitored automatically. So that you only pay what you owe, no more !



With RetailDrive Budget, no more surprises : your real estate costs are under control !

Tired to reconcile multiple Excel extractions ? Prepare, in a few clicks, an extremely precise budget with the fixed and variable rents as well as the expenses and taxes related to your points of sale. RetailDrive Budget takes rent indexation, rent-free periods, key money, step rents and any other negotiated items into account. By using RetailDrive Budget, cash-flows are closely managed, and your resources are used properly !


RetailDrive Invoice detects inconsistencies between invoices and contracts. You can manage your invoices efficiently and block any inaccurate invoice. Adapted to your business, RetailDrive also allows retailers to save time and reduce the invoice processing costs. Optimize payment terms to avoid any useless cash loss, and hence generate savings for your activity !


RetailDrive’s dashboards provide a snapshot of all your invoices. Waiting for validation? Ongoing litigation? Partial validation? Payment to be made? In a few clicks, obtain a comprehensive view of the situation! RetailDrive can also be integrated to the best-known accounting systems and ERP’s (such as SAP, SAGE, etc.). Streamline your process from contract to payment and benefit from secured savings!


Benefit from a real-time analysis of the performance of your stores! Synchronized with your accounting solutions, ERP’s and cash register softwares, RetailDrive Performance calculates and compares your income and expenses in a tool specifically made for retail.



Use RetailDrive Development to build your retail knowledge base. Have access to the best tool for your development by centralizing data coming from your contracts, agents, landlords or the specialized press as well as the data in the public domain. Once collected, calculate and compare the costs per square meters of your points of sale (annual rent, gross or commercial surface, right to lease, etc.). And then, start developing your store network and negotiating the lease value on a reliable basis !

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